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Come, Holy Spirit

"Come, Holy Spirit". Could there be a more dangerous prayer to pray? 

To ask the Holy Spirit - God himself, the third person of the Trinity - to come and move among us is to ask for a glimpse of God's Kingdom to manifest itself on the earth. We may dumb down the power of the Holy Spirit being present with us because we know that as Christians, the Holy Spirit lives in us. But make no mistake, when the Holy Spirit decides to put his hand to work in this world, things change. Another dimension and rule is literally tearing open the fabric of this world and breaking its way in. It upsets the balance of this world in a way that will make some say "woah" and others "no!"

This is what happened on the first Pentecost after Jesus' death and resurrection. People from many nations were together in Jerusalem and the followers comforter, would lead them into all truth and help them do what he did. I imagine they expected something unique to happen when the Holy Spirit came, but still very little idea what was about to transpire.

"A sound like a rushing windstorm". "Something like tongues of fire". Its the kind of language you use when you're trying to describe something that you can't really describe. The Holy Spirit had showed up in power. People from every tribe and tongue were nearby and the Holy Spirit decided that he wouldn't fill the first believers secretly, but that he would show off. Why? To achieve the same thing Jesus sought to achieve - to glorify God. The believers began to speak words they didn't know, only to find out they (or the Spirit through them) was telling of God's goodness through the generations.

If you are open to the fact that the Holy Spirit still come in power to those who wait for him today to show off God goodness and bring glory to the Father, our response is usually the same as the two responses in this story from Acts 2. "Woah" or "no". "What's going on here?!" or "They're drunk". Maybe there's a hesitation because we see a 'forced' move of the Holy Spirit, Christians going a bit crazy, or maybe what the Spirit is doing simply challenges our Christian 'box'. Whatever the case, are we waiting? Are we trusting the words of our Lord Jesus who tells us "stay where you are, and wait for the helper. He will give you the power you need to be my witnesses".

Life Groups

Life Together, Growing in Faith

Cinnamon Donuts - Girls age 14+ bible study. Mondays 7-8.30pm in the Library. Bek: 0458 127 744

Ladies Bible Study - Fridays 10am-12pm (during term time) in the Library. Frances: 0414 667 960
Connect - Sundays 12-2pm (fortnightly)
Fresh Bread LG (Friday) - 6.30pm in Canning Vale, fortnightly. John: 0429 651 378
Fresh Bread LG (Saturday) - 8pm in Harrisdale, fortnightly. Nat: 0421 546 467
Spice of Life - a monthly group for Ladies meeting in various locations. Tina: 0400 858 490
Retirees on a Roll - first Wednesday of the month (various times, locations). Contact Margaret Hill on: 0438 066 133
Life Group - 6:30 pm Wednesday fortnightly, Various locations, Contact Reza on 0450 211 353.

Life Communities

Life Together, Going on Mission

Fresh Bread - a simple meal (free or donation only) run fortnightly on Fridays in the cafe. Luke: 0423 958 973
Playgroup Life - Meeting from time to time for 'family feasts' with our playgroup parents. Deb: 0437 118 896. Social cycling club also riding every other Sunday morning:
Amplify - a community of teenagers led by young adults, helping them find and life the faith. Cam & Annelis: 0401 787 626
Taco Night. - 1st Friday of the month connecting and doing life with families over tacos. Louise and Rick: 0437 323 785

Programs & Activities

Playgroup - Runs during school term at The Billabong. To volunteer or for more info call Deb: 0437 118 896
MOPS in Camillo - Mothers of Pre-Schoolers, 9.30am Mondays (fornightly) run at New Spring Church. To volunteer call Louise: 0437 323 785
The Village - Mentoring for young mums and mums-to-be from a Migrant background. For more info call Louise or visit
Billabong Crafters - 4th Saturday of the month 8.30am-12pm at The Billabong. Bring your craft and share ideas and skills.


Admin and Bookings: 9455 6474,
Minister: Revd. Luke Williams 0423 958 973, 
Children & Families: Reza Mendes 0450 211 353,
Camillo Outreach: Louise Pekan 0437 323 785,
Kitchen Rosters: Julie: 9456 1495 
Leadership Team: Martin D (chair): 0457 146 462,
Frances David, Marilyn Burdett, Lisa Harries, Martin Hill

Do you need a community of praying people to pray for you or someone close to you? 

You can simply email and your request will be sent to a prayer network of The Billabong. (If you'd like to join the PrayerNet list so you receive these requests, please email

Looking for Volunteers

Can you volunteer some of your time to The Billabong Community Centre? We are looking for someone or someones that can be present in the office to greet visitors, answer telephone calls and assist in any basic administrative tasks on a Tuesday morning from 9am to 11am and a Friday from 9am to 5pm. If you are able to assist (even just a couple of hours on either of those days) please contact Luke or Kassie on 08 9455 6474 or email: 

Calling all Billabong Members with a Building Access Card or Code

All Billabong Members with a building access card and/or code are required to register it with administration and receive correct training in how to use the system. Please contact Kassie on 08 9455 6474 or email: to arrange a time (or catch-up with her after the Sunday Celebration.) Thank you.

The Accessible Prophecy Course

If you would like to explore the gift of prophecy through a biblically grounded study course designed for the 'ordinary' Christian, we will be running the accessible prophecy course fortnightly on a Monday night from late June. Contrary to popular belief, prophecy is simply a gift God gives us to hear his voice build one another up. This course will encourage and challenge you in your faith. Please contact if you are interested.

Our Community Centre

If you have not yet had a chance to meet Kassie, our facilities and administration manager, drop in any time between 9 - 5 Monday to Thursday (or 10.30-6.30 Tuesday) or say hi one Sunday! We have a number of groups and organisations using our building each week, and there may be a way you can help Kassie with some of the practical needs around the facility.
Here are the groups we have regularly using our facility - we'd love you to pray for them (first names of the managers/leaders below) and the families that take part in their activities.
Kids Active Care - Craig and Reza
SEMAS Maths Tutoring - Engela
Jungle Body Duo - Phil and Erin
Perth Dance Academy - Kelly Envision Fitness - Rochelle
Hiit That (High intensity fitness) - Jim and Cass
Alcoholics Anonymous - Lara
Canning Vale Anglican Church - Nick and Katherine
Calvary Chapel Perth - Stephen
House of Mercy - Joseph and Esther

Giving and Finance Update

Our congregational giving for the first five months of the year (Jan - May) was $75,750, approximately 97% of our budgeted giving to date. Please consider updating your giving/tithing pledge by filling out a new pledge card. We encourage all Billabongers to give by direct debit using the details below. If you have any questions, please email Thank you for your ongoing generosity!
Billabong Uniting Church Canning Vale
BSB:  036224    Account: 131848

Happy Birthday to...

Amy Harries 3/6   Yan Hui Blockley 6/6

Olivia Stagno & Tabitha Sheehy 9/6

Caitlin McLean 11/6   Martha Dodge 15/6

Michael David 16/6   Karryn Goldsworthy 17/6

Joseph Langlands 19/6  Christine Iacobellis 19/6

Zoe Bell 23/6   Michelle McLean 30/6

 Where to from here?

In the months of June and July, we will be spending time as a church looking to the future - where do we go from here? Please pray for the Leadership Team this Tuesday (4th June) as they meet to discuss and pray about the events of these next 2 months.

Praying for those overseas

Would you like to receive newsletter updates from Gareth and Alicia Nolan who are serving the Lord with their gifts in Vanuatu? Email

What's happening in The Village?

Over the last month I have had the opportunity to meet a family just arrived in Australia from a Refugee camp in Thailand, a young mum from South Sudan and her daughter, gorgeous baby Samuel and his mum from Zambia and support a new family as they welcomed the birth of their first child, a baby girl on the 2nd of May.  The Village Support Network promotes Life in our Community by sharing local knowledge, Birth Education and Support, Meeting practical Needs and connecting those new to Australia with a community.
How can you help? You can donate Gifts of nappies and blankets or bags of Rice
OR you can share your time with a new family; playing with older children, driving families to playgroup or Fresh Bread. Inviting them to Church.
It takes a Village to raise a child. Our hope is that many will find their Village within the welcoming arms of the Church.