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The gift giver

Our God is a generous God. Everything we have in this life is ultimately a gift from our heavenly Father. It doesn't matter what it is - it can be traced back to the gift of life that we have from him.

The ultimate gift we have received as followers of Jesus is God himself. God the Father gave us his Son to die in our place, for our sins, so we may have life. But he didn't stop there. He also gave his Holy Spirit to raise Jesus from the dead and give us a new life that is far better than the old one headed for destruction. This is the good news - that we are now new, transformed people, not just 'saved' people. Hallelujah!

Its an amazing gift to be filled with the Spirit of God - God himself. But it also comes with a great cost and responsibility - joining in partnership with God's work of salvation for all. And that's why God the gift giver doesn't stop there. God gives us many other special gifts to help us in that work and experience even more of his presence. This month, we'll explore what those gifts are and why they are so significant for us.

Have you recognised the gift God has offered to you - himself? Have you received him willingly and allowed him to change you life, your mind, your heart? If not, today is the day to do that! If so, do you want to experience more of his presence, his grace, his love? It won't be easy, but with open hands and an open heart, God won't hold back from giving you more of the ultimate gift. Himself. 

Giving Update Jan-Sept 2017 YTD: Budget $141,750. Actual $132,000. 
Direct Debit: BSB 036224 A/C Number 131848.
2018 is almost here! Would you consider increasing your pledge/regular contribution? Please fill out a pledge card (located near the offering box) or let our treasurer know at

Need prayer?

Do you need a community of praying people to pray for you or someone close to you? You can simply email and your request will be sent to a prayer network of The Billabong. (If you'd like to join the PrayerNet list so you receive these requests, please email

Life Groups

Cinnamon Donuts - Girls age 14+ bible study. Mondays 7-8.30pm in the Library. Bek: 0458 127 744

Ladies Bible Study - Fridays 10am-12pm (during term time) in the Library. Frances: 0414 667 960

Connect Group - Sundays 12-2pm (fortnightly) Vince & Karen 6258 5428
Saturday Life Group - 8pm in Harrisdale, fortnightly. Nat: 0421 546 467 
Spice of Life - a monthly group for Ladies meeting in various locations. Tina: 0400 858 490
Retirees on a Roll - first Wednesday of the month (various times, locations). Contact Margaret Hill on: 0438 066 133
Light of Life - 6:30 pm Wednesday fortnightly, Various locations, Contact Reza on 0450 211 353.
Sunday arvo Life group - Luke: 0423 958 973
Taco Night - 1st Friday of the month connecting and doing life with families over tacos in Armadale. Louise and Rick: 0437 323 785
Bible Study - Every other Tuesday 7-8pm. Meirion: 9459 2920

Programs & Activities

Playgroup - Runs during school term at The Billabong. To volunteer or for more info call Deb: 0437 118 896
Fresh Bread - a simple meal (free or donation only) run fortnightly on FrI idays in the cafe. Luke: 0423 958 973
Amplify - a community of teenagers led by young adults, helping them in faith & life. Cam & Annelis: 0401 787 626
MOPS in Camillo - Mothers of Pre-Schoolers, 9.30am Mondays (fornightly) run at New Spring Church. To volunteer call Louise: 0437 323 785
The Village - Mentoring for young mums and mums-to-be from a Migrant background. For more info call Louise or visit
Billabong Crafters - 4th Saturday of the month 8.30am-12pm at The Billabong. Bring your craft and share ideas and skills.

Happy Birthday to...

Thomas Sheehy 2/10  Poppy Sheehy 4/10

Hannah Sheehy 4/10  Martin Dodge 6/10

Tiger Ross 7/10  Ian Lacey 9/10

Marhun Limpah 11/10  Sam Iacobellis 12/10

Mark Baverstock 13/10  Zachary Illingworth 16/10

Olivia Gray 18/10  Mark Illingworth 22/10

Wayne Harries 24/10  Tim Critchell 26/10

Joel Baverstock 27/10  Lachlan Connan 29/10

Caelan Gray 31/1

Admin and Bookings: Kassie Phillips (Facilities Manager) 9455 6474,
Minister: Revd. Luke Williams 9455 6474, 
Children & Families: Reza Mendes 0450 211 353,
Camillo Outreach: Louise Pekan 0437 323 785,
Kitchen Rosters: Julie: 9456 1495 
Leadership Team: Martin D (chair): 0457 146 462,
Frances David, Marilyn Burdett, Lisa Harries, Martin Hill

Considering Baptism?

Are you now a follow of Jesus but haven't been baptised or re-affirmed your infant baptism (called 'confirmation')? There will be an opportunity very soon to join with others in our church on a baptism Sunday. Please contact

Who can you invite to Alpha?

A new alpha course is starting Friday 13th October at 6.30pm (taster session also on 6th October). Alpha is perfect for anyone willing to explore the Christian faith and has questions about what it means to follow Jesus. Please consider not just inviting a friend, but bringing them along, even if just to the first session (6th or 13th Oct). More details:

Can you help?

We are looking for volunteers willing to lock and unlock for casual bookings at our community centre. When a booking request comes through, we will contact a team of volunteers to see if someone is available at the necessary times to proceed with the bookings. As this will be a significant income source for us, some reimbursement for helping out is available. Contact Kassie (9455 6474 /


Looking for volunteers to maintain garden beds and pull weeds

NEW Monthly Rosters (Serving Teams)

All rosters now operate on a month to month basis. This means that you will be on your roster (eg. kitchen) on the same week (1, 2, 3 or 4) each month (except for twice a month rosters like music and welcome). If you would like to make a permanent change, please contact the co-ordinator of your particular roster, but if you need to make a one-off change, you can organise a direct swap with someone.

2018 Finances

A finance presentation and Q&A will be held after morning tea on Sunday 15th October to present a draft for the 2018 budgets. This is in preparation for a congregational meeting at the end of November to approve the budget. We encourage all members to attend and ask questions, as this will help us prepare for next year.

The Billabong in January

In January of 2018, we would like to encourage all Billabongers to visit other local churches and/or meet with their life group more regularly. This will also give our children's ministry, music team and other serving team volunteers a well earned break, as we won't be holding services for some/all of the month of January (dates TBC). If you have not yet joined a life group, now is a great time to consider whether there are some other families you could begin gathering with on a regular basis in the new year!

Ping Pong A Thon

Is on 6.30pm 21st October - 6.30pm 22nd October at The Billabong. Participants are sponsored to play 3 hours (or more) of table tennis during the 24 hour window to raise money for exploited children in south east asia. Sign up at or speak to Cam.